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How Much Does Live Edge Cost?

When creating a custom piece of furniture no two pieces are the same, they typically don't cost the same either. While the cost varies from project to project, here I will do my best to break down costs based on typical projects we take on. Note: Starting prices may be lower than listed for your specific project. Contact us for a free design quote.


Not a fan of the live edge look? We totally get it, we understand that your space may not benefit from a live edge piece, we see the beauty in dimensional lines, rectangular shapes, oval and round tables. Please don't hesitate to reach out with your ideas as we can fit your design needs while still making a bold statement. Our tables look incredible even without the live edges! 

Dining Tables

Price Range: $5,000+

This centerpiece is always a masterpiece. We all enjoy spending time with our loved ones eating and drinking, the memories created from childhood up in to adulthood sitting around the family table resonate till this day don't they? We create timeless, fully functional art pieces that can be used and enjoyed for not just a short time but for decades to come, without the hassle of yearly maintenance. We build our custom tables to last using only the leading commercial grade products. All of our live edge slabs have gone under a very extensive drying process utilizing state of the art lumber drying kilns, completely eradicating moisture allows for peace of mind knowing your investment will stay as beautiful as the day we delivered it. Considering the size and beauty of these live edge slabs, they're well worth the investment. When browsing our live edge slabs always take into consideration walking area around the table with room for chairs as well. A space of 28"-36" leaves plenty of room for guests to mingle and admire this timeless heirloom.

Coffee Tables

Price Range: $2,000+

More than just something to talk about over coffee or cocktails, this is an instant art piece to showcase in your living room, lounge space, waiting room and more. We take our time and listen to your needs and wants on every project keeping in mind your style and design motif, you can feel comfortable knowing you'll be getting exactly what you've been looking for when you work with us. Keep in mind the height of your seating when putting this project together. Ask me what I can create.


Conference Tables

Price Range: $7500+

Collaborate with idea inspiring design. These tables mean business and show class for executive boardrooms, lecture halls, staff meeting rooms and more. Does your company share information with each other during a meeting? If so consider adding technology, we are able to integrate electrical outputs, USB, HDMI, VGA, ethernet and more. We believe that the best business deals are made when you stick out from your competition and bring in the ever so inspiring natural elements of a live edge conference table. Every business has a unique image that should be reflected in the place it calls home. Tell me about your ideas.



Kitchen Islands

Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000+

Put passion in your food with a gorgeous counter space capable of handling any size kitchen. The half stone and half wood design adds unique elements to offset modern appliances. Having a breakfast bar facing the prep area is inviting for guests and great for video production. Looking for a solid slab kitchen island or the ever so popular waterfall kitchen island? We can accommodate just about any size or species of wood perfect for your dream kitchen. We use only the highest of quality finishing products that will outlast the wear and tear of prepping and cooking while staying food grade safe. Please head to the contact page to inquire within for your free design consultation.

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